Falconry: Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

Falconry, a living human heritage Born as a method of obtaining food, the practice of falconry has evolved over time, expressing links with the preservation of nature, cultural heritage and the contact among communities. Following their own traditions and ethical principles, falconers train and feed birds of prey by developing a strong bond with them. […]

Táncház Method

Táncház method: Good Safeguarding Practices

Táncház method: a Hungarian way of connecting to folk music and dance culture Most Hungarians would agree that keeping one’s culture alive is essential to preserve its identity. This way of thinking didn’t disappear during the times of Communism either. In the early 1970s a roots revival moment called Táncházmozgalom (literally dance movement) came alive. […]

Kodály method

Kodály concept: Good Safeguarding Practices

Kodály concept: conquering the world of education Kodály concept (or Kodály method) is an educational method that everyone is (somewhat) familiar with. For example, who has watched the classic movie The Sound of Music. Movie from 1965 starring Julie Andrews. But rather than a passing fad in a movie that won 5 Oscar awards. Including […]


BusójáráS festivities at Mohács: Intangible Cultural Heritage UNESCO

Busójárás: the festivities that added the town of Mohács on the world map of traditions If most Hungarians were asked to name one special or unusual folk festival in their home-country most would answer “Busójárás” which translates to Busó-walk(ing). One can recognize this tradition when catching a glimpse of one of the unique masks, carts, […]