Permanent Exhibition for

Cultural Heritage Handicrafts.

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Amazing artisans use ancient traditions, technics and knowledge to create impressive pieces of art.

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Our Purpose

Whartibus wants to preserve World Cultural Heritage. By promoting amazing artisans, their technics and crafts.

Glass Beads

Handmade Crafts

Our Artisans are working alone or with a small team. Using simple tools to create the listed pieces of art!

Kosiv Ceramics

Meet the Artisan

Each Artisan have a dedicated corner where you can know more about them. Their story. Their process. Their roots…


Cultural Heritage

Around the world, organizations promote ancient Traditions. Our Artisans activity belong to this category!


Artibus is the Latin word for crafts.

It also means art, profession, skills, talent, process, manual, piece of work and mastery.

Konjic Woodcarving

Our newest products

Each artisan has specific skills and expertise. They combine technic, knowledge and also style. To delight our senses.