art of dry stone walling

The art of dry stone walling: Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

The art of dry stone walling, knowledge and techniques The art of dry stone walling is an ancient artisan practice that plays a fundamental role in the prevention of landslides, floods and avalanches. And also in the fight against erosion and desertification of the land, increasing biodiversity and creating ideal conditions for agriculture. These dry […]

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet: Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

The Mediterranean diet The Mediterranean diet is a nutritional model. Inspired by the traditional eating styles of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Scientists from all over the world have begun studying it since the 1950s. And still today it remains among the diets that, associated with correct lifestyles, have a positive influence on our […]

Summer solstice fire festivals

Summer solstice fire festivals, Pyrenees: Intangible Cultural Heritage UNESCO

Summer solstice fire festivals in the Pyrenees On the same night every year, when the sun’s at its summer zenith, “Summer solstice fire festivals” take place all around the Pyrenees mountain range. With the particularity of officiating as both a political and physical border between France and Spain. The Pyrenees also act as a common […]