Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a Seller in Whartibus?

Sellers, to be present in Whartibus marketplace, must fulfil at least one of the below requirements:

-execute an Art listed by UNESCO;

-execute an Art protected/promoted by local or national entity;

-belong to an Artisans Association (or similar);

-be registered as an Artisan in a government entity.

Some Sellers may also have a product certification. If this happens it will be mentioned in the Product description.

Why some prices have the % of V.A.T from my country and others from origin country?

Since 1st July 2021 the rule in European Union for Internet sales is that prices should present your country V.A.T. But there are exceptions. For example, companies that do not reach a certain volume in Internet sales per year can invoice V.A.T. according the origin country rules.

So, the presented prices include V.A.T. according the specific situation of each Seller (or at your country rate or at the origin country rate).

To where do you deliver?

For the moment, shipping is possible to all European Union countries.

From where do you ship?

Items are shipped directly from the Seller location.

How to know the shipping cost?

Shipping cost is presented in your shopping cart, after introducing delivery postal code.

I cannot see the shipping cost in the cart, why?

This may happen due to 2 different issues:

A) We missed to introduce all the possible combinations between chosen sellers locations and your country. If this happens, please contact us, as we need to check our shipping cost table.

B) You have products passing over €150,00 from a single Artisan outside European Union.

If this happens, please contact us, as we need to prepare your order in a different way (without V.A.T.). Our price to you will be without V.A.T. And you will be requested to pay the V.A.T. at customs clearance in your country. This is connected with the new V.A.T. rules in European Union since 1st July 2021.

How long it will take to ship the product?

Shipping will be made in 3 working days. If, for some reason, it is not possible you will be informed, inside that period of time. You will be able to maintain the ordered item or to cancel it.

order items will be shipped together?

As rule you will receive one package per seller. In extraordinary circumstances Seller may split the order in different packages.

How to follow my order?

All shipping are made with a tracking code. You will be able to follow your shipping package in the shipping company system.

I’ve received my order, but I want to return it. Is it possible?

Under current legislation, you have a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of the Product(s) ordered to return it. Check the right of free resolution in our General Condition of Sale for more details.

I have a different question?

Please contact us. We will be glad to support you.