Nomad Sleeveless Cloak

109,90 inc. V.A.T.

Wool (Burel) Nomad Sleeveless Cloak


Burel cloak. Circle with two openings to place the arms. Works in two ways, getting a long and a short cloak.

The quality of the wool, associated to the ancestral knowledge to transform the wool, explain the prestige of the weaving of Serra da Estrela.

100% wool.

Size: unique

Product supplied by Ecolã

Wash at the maximum temperature of 30ºCDo not use chlorine-based bleachIroning at a maximum temperature of 110 ° CUse Hydrocarbon or PerichlorethyleneDryer not allowed

Additional information

Weight1,3 kg

Ivory Ref: B0101, Surrobeco Ref: B0102, Brown Ref: B0103, Spiny Brown Ref: B0501, Spiny Pink Ref: B0504, Spiny Grey Ref: B0502, Spiny Blue Ref: B0503, Squares Ref: B0200, Dark Stripes Ref: B0400, Light Burel Stripes Ref: B0300, Chess Ref: B0600, Lists Ref: B0700, Pumpkin Ref: B0107, Green Water Ref: B0113, Green Moss Ref: B0115, Green Bottle Ref: B0114, Green Spring Ref: B0112, Orange Ref: B0106, Salmon Rose Ref: B0109, Bordeaux Ref: B0111, Sunflower Ref: B0105, Red Poppy Ref: B0108, Lavender Ref: B0121, Blueberry Ref: B0117, Purple Ref: B0122, Blue Peacock Ref: B0118, Klein Blue Ref: B0119, Blue Sky Ref: B0116, Navy Blue Ref: B0120, Lead Gray Ref: B0125, Anthracite Ref: B0124, Black Ref: B0126, Tobacco Ref: B0104, Heather Rose Ref: B0110, Mustard Ref: B0127, Oil Ref: B0128, Lapis Lazuli Ref: B0129, Pomegranate Ref: B0130


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