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Konjic Woodcarving

Board Marrakesh is inspired by simple linear geometry. This model has very minimalist decor comprised of the lines that make up pattern. Marrakesh is an impressive presentation piece for meats, roasts and veggies….basically for everything

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Traditional Konjic handmade woodcarving, a Cultural Heritage from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Marrakesh is characterized by:
– Shape of irregular rectangle and sharp lines
– Decorated with shallow and thin lines that
create decorative pattern
– Edges toppling inwards
– Polished look.
– Fine sanded finishing and velvety surface
– Oiled surface highly water and dirt repellent
– Decorated by firm hand of a craftsman

Wood: Walnut

length 42,5 cm
width 23 cm
thickness 2.5 cm

*Dimensions may vary slightly due to manual production.

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Weight1,08 kg
Dimensions42,5 × 23 × 2,5 cm


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